Innovative solutions for emerging markets

Welcome to Shanghai
Shanghai is one of the largest and most vibrant cities in the world—and home to frog's Asia-Pacific headquarters. Located in a remodeled steel factory within the Jing'An district, the studio’s diverse and multinational team specializes in designing meaningful solutions for emerging markets.
“frog is defined by people with insights and creativity, an organization that further reveals talents and incubates visions. We bring together people who share the same philosophy across all disciplines, challenge the status quo and push innovations further.”
Genda Lin, Design Director
“One of the best parts about frog is our global network. Whether you're based in Shanghai or New York or Madrid, frogs of all tenures and backgrounds are ready to help each other out to produce the best possible result for our clients.”
Eric Cherng, Strategy Director
Fun Facts
3 Studio Pets
Our studio is home to a gray tree frog named Ziggy, and two turtles named Cassius and Chekhov.
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2 Hanging Bubble Chairs
To draw inspiration, chat or simply to chill out, the bubble chairs are known as the best seat in the house.
27 Bottles of Booze
When our frogs travel, they bring back booze for our bar: Ugandan Gin in a satchet, herbal liqueur from Hungary and herbal bitters from the Czech Republic.
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