Make bolder choices. Form stronger teams. Build better products.

Bring Bold Ideas to Life
Our frog Studio in Paris welcomes brave organizations eager to craft focused business strategies, realize market-changing ideas, and design and build products, services, and experiences to delight their customers.

Contact frog Paris to:

  • Build better products and services
  • Deliver exceptional customer experiences (CX)
  • Uncover valuable customer insights
  • Drive growth through open innovation

“I love the ‘Aha!’ moment when we collectively find a new perspective that transforms a problem into an exciting opportunity.”
Caroline Nowacki, Senior Strategist
“What I like about design is that it generates meaning from chaos. It is all about making the right connections.”
Armand Teychené, Associate Design Director
We Work Across All Sectors
Transforming the Healthcare Experience
We work with healthcare and pharma companies to deliver medical devices and digital health solutions that put the patient first.
Strengthening Relationships in Financial Services
We use emerging technologies to help financial services companies deliver digital products that build trust with customers.
Redesigning Retail, Travel, and Automotive
We bring innovative strategies that help retailers strengthen customer relationships and drive business growth.
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