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Delivering exceptional experiences your customer will love
Our frog Studio in Milan welcomes brave organizations eager to implement new business models and strategies, seize market opportunities, strengthen their organizational capabilities, and build products and services that their customers love.

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  • Rethink the way your teams work
  • Bring game-changing products to market
  • Design seamless customer experiences
  • Get ahead of emerging technologies
“Projects can be challenging, but when a hospital relies on us to transform their healthcare services and that leads to making people’s days a little better, there’s no other place I’d rather be.”
Sara Manzini, Senior Service Designer
“Milan is filled with talented people that keep you inspired and on your toes, and a lively international vibe that honors Italian culture and time spent around the lunch table.”
Natalia Marmolejo, Experience Designer
We Work Across All Sectors
Transforming Healthcare for People
We work with clients to redesign the healthcare ecosystem around patient-centric solutions that create greater value for patients and healthcare providers.
Delivering the Future of Financial Relationships
We help banks, insurers, and investors build and orchestrate omni-channel offerings that better respond to their customers' evolving expectations.
Reinventing Communication for a Connected Society
We use convergent design to help telecom operators and technology organizations capture the full potential of the intelligent, connected, and digital world.