Collaborative, innovation-driven transformation

Push boundaries and untangle complex design challenges
Our frog Studio in Lyon welcomes organizations eager to grow their design capabilities in order to deliver exceptional experiences, product and services their customers will love.

Contact frog Lyon to:

  • Uncover valuable design insights
  • Grow a culture of innovation
  • Launch better products and services
  • Bring bold ideas to life
“I love learning new stuff every day. Every day I’m working closely with diverse users, discovering their universe, and understanding their needs to create solutions that fit them best.”
Anne-Hélène Lize, Senior Program Manager
“My fascination with technology fuels my addiction to chase pixel-perfect design. As designers, we are at the forefront of new technology.”
Abhinav Kumar Jain, Interaction Designer
We Work Across All Sectors
Transforming the Patient Experience
We help companies drive healthcare innovation through design that puts the patient first.
Building Trust and Retention in Financial Services
We deliver seamless consumer experiences that help clients build and maintain trust with their customers.
Redesigning Retail, Travel, and Automotive
We're helping define the new era of retail and mobility by bringing game-changing digital products to market quickly.
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